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Susan F. – Club Member

Since 1994, the Atlantic Club has served as my safe haven, home away from home, and my grounding space. Numerous times I arrived straight from my running group or a day on the beach. Nothing but love and support, understanding and hugs, listening ears and prayers, and little bits of experience and hope greeted me. There were times when my mental status took a dive into the pits of hopelessness and despair; however, the Atlantic Club managers and staff spent many hours, sleepless nights, and rambling moments with me until the woes were all poured out. Their kindness, experience, strength, and hope allowed me to find better ways and days to a good life, grounded with awesome coping skills and gifts and blessings beyond my wildest dreams.

The Atlantic Club gives me opportunities to volunteer, attend activities, bring my family and friends to events without alcohol and drugs, and occupy my growing days. I use the library of donated books, DVD/VCR tapes, exercise room equipment, computer equipment and WI-FI, as well as the open areas (to meditate, do step work, cook, eat, watch TV, read, study for college classes, etc.).

Without the camaraderie of recovering addicts and alcoholics, the fellowship activities (New Year’s Eve, Santa Gift give away and Easter egg hunt, Walks for Recovery, cookouts for Memorial Day, Labor Day, and July 4th, Dinner Theaters, Puppet Shows, Movie Nights, and much more), community learning days (Smoke Cessation, Back to Basics Step Workshops, Mental Health days, and other educational forums), celebrations, birthdays, and memorials I would missing out on a wonderful gift to my recovery.

This place has something to offer for everyone, welcomes all, and offers experience, strength, and hope to the recovery person (alcoholics, addicts, gamblers, over-eaters, and so on). For more than 25 years I have continued to grow here beyond my wildest dreams. I am so glad I never left the rooms of the 12-step program and the Atlantic Club before the miracle happened for me, my family, and friends.

I hope this helps you decide to visit as often as you like, stay a while, and come back to visit us.

Susan F. – Club Member


The Atlantic Club has provided me sanctuary, I finally found a place where I am not judged and a group of people I now call my Friends. My life in recovery gets better every day, I wish I had found this place years ago!

Anonymous Since 2015

Jeff B

This place is amazing…it’s like Disney Land for Recovery! Whenever I am in Ocean City I always come to the Atlantic Club. It’s my home group away from home.

Jeff B – Philadelphia, PA


The residents of Hope4Recovery would like to thank the Atlantic Club Members for their generous donation of items and money. Your kindness and generosity will help these men with transportation to and from meetings and work.

Hope4Recovery – Brandon, Brian, Matt, Adam, Garrett, Mike C, Mike K, Troy, Danny, Donsha and Tish

Mike K

Always Opened Doors

To Be of Service For

Lonely Alcoholics and Addicts

At Times When They Need A Place

Never Judging The Person Who’s

Trying To Stay Sober

In The Tuff Times Just

Caring Enough To Listen

Caring Enough To Help

Loving Enough To Understand

Unity In All They Do

Blessed To Call It My Home !!

The Atlantic Club has given me Hope, Faith and a Family. I will be forever grateful!

Mike K. – Berlin, MD


I can’t say I ever really “enjoyed” going to work before I became a manger here at the Atlantic Club, but now I do. Every day is different – Never dull – You never know what challenges you may encounter. I am a pretty good listener, I love to laugh (especially at myself) and I enjoy people…they make me happy. The disease of addiction has disrupted our lives and those of our families. The Club gives us a safe place to rediscover who we are and create a new family of people just like ourselves. I am grateful!

Poe – Atlantic Club Manager

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